We believe that those who deliver NHS Health Checks are critical to the success of the programme. We also believe that anyone who delivers a check should know why and how they are asking specific questions; doing specific measurements; what the results mean and how to communicate those results to patients.   Our training at has evolved over the years by working closely with local commissioners and the national team to ensure that we continually provide high-quality training that is fit for purpose.

Underpinned by the Competency Framework we believe that the best way to learn is through interactive, fun and engaging training; Laughing while learning. Building the foundations of core knowledge then re-enforcing with practical examples helps delegates to learn and retain the important information needed to deliver effective NHS Health Checks.

Our experienced trainers are experts in the delivery to the whole spectrum of health care professionals involved with NHS Health Checks, with the ability to adapt the sessions to cover all training needs.

Every borough is offered a pre-training survey for delegates exploring confidence and knowledge of the programme along with any issues.  All our courses are fully evaluated and a report is sent to the commissioners, including trainers feedback.

We often deliver bespoke training where we incorporate local documentation, for example, service level agreements, local pathways and lifestyle referral processes to embed the training into working life.

Being aware of the challenges commissioners face, we work closely with them to ensure that the training is flexible and tailored to their local commissioning needs while still promoting high-quality NHS Health Checks.

Sometimes a borough is very specific about who the training should be targeted at, for example, pharmacy counter or council housing staff to be able to promote uptake NHS Health Checks.

If you would like to book a place on any of the courses below or discuss your training needs further please contact Chris Francis on 0330 124 1966 or email

I am more confident to explain the QRisk2 to the patient

Service Manager

HCA Accountability

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Training for HCAs in development of their role to ensure: safety, accountability, delegation, record keeping and continuing professional development.

Duration: Half Day
Price:  £99 + VAT

23rd November 2017

NHS Health Checks

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Comprehensive full days training underpinned by the NHS Health Check Competency Framework to improve knowledge, skills and confidence.

Duration:  Full Day
Price:  £165 + VAT

12th October 2017  –  1st November 2017  –  5th December 2017  –  16th January 2018  –  6th February 2018  –  7th March 2018

Practical Skills for Health Checks

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The theory and practical session for the skills needed to successfully deliver an NHS Health Check including, blood pressure, pulse taking, height, weight, BMI and waist circumference.

Duration:  Half Day
Price:  £99 + VAT

Sessions: 27th October 2017 9.30am – 12pm

After the Health Check

Smart Health Solutions All About After the NHS Health Checks.jpg

What should happen and why in practice in the assessment, diagnosis and initial treatment for hypertension, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, atrial fibrillation and familial hypercholesterolemia.

Duration:  Half Day
Price:  £99 + VAT

Sessions: 28th November 2017  9.30am – 12pm

NHS Health Checks Update

Smart Health Solutions All About NHS Health Checks Update.jpg

For anyone who has previously attended a full day covering latest national updates, revisit communication of CVD risk along with troubleshooting and sharing good practice.

Duration:  Half Day
Price:  £99 + VAT plus £19 for RSPH Exam

21st November 2017  –  7th December 2017  –  17th January 2018  –  8th February 2018  –  8th March 2018

Behaviour Change – Level 2

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2 day, RSPH Level 2 Award training providing the knowledge, skills and confidence to offer opportunistic brief advice and motivational interviewing for behaviour change.

Duration:  2 Days
Price:  £295 + VAT